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Beijing Qiancao Traditional Chinese Medicine Pieces Co., Ltd. was established on June 25, 2003 with a registered capital of 135 million yuan and is located at No. 7, Dingye Road, Daxing District, Beijing. "First-class service" business philosophy, has now developed into a modern Chinese medicine decoction enterprise with more than 1 billion yuan in fixed assets, covering 65 acres and more than 300 employees, integrating production, processing and sales. The enterprise has entered the forefront of the traditional Chinese medicine decoction industry. It has taken the lead in passing the GMP certification of the new version of the drug. And other honorary titles, and has legal qualifications for the use of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife operations, processed and produced refined pieces, direct consumption pieces, small package pieces and more than 1,000 varieties are exported to the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Dubai, Brunei More than a dozen countries and regions such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, and more than 70 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen; with well-known enterprises in Beijing Tongrentang, a number of Class A and Class II hospitals, medicine Chain sales companies and other companies have established close cooperative relations and own the Chinese well-known Deshoutang pharmacy.

For many years, Beijing Qiancao Traditional Chinese Medicine Pieces Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the combination of production, education and research, continuously strengthens the lifeline of survival and development, builds the "three major platforms" and "five modernization" management models, and continuously improves product quality in all aspects. The “three major platforms” are the laboratory testing platform and powerful testing capabilities; the second is the quality monitoring platform, and the three-level quality monitoring network for company, workshop and team special inspection, mutual inspection, self-inspection and patrol inspection is established; On the platform, Zhou Furong, a national drug review expert, was hired as a technical consultant to visit the company regularly. "Five chemical management" means "base of medicinal materials, scientific detection methods, standardized processing technology, standardized quality, standardized measurement and packaging".

Under the guidance of the concept of "good medicinal materials, good medicine", Beijing Qiancao Chinese Herbal Medicines Co., Ltd. established Anguo Jingan Traditional Chinese Medicine Materials The company, Bozhou Tongke Pharmaceutical Co., Weiyuan Xing'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and many other branches provide high quality authentic medicinal materials for Qiancao Chinese herbal decoction pieces in many authentic medicinal materials producing areas in the country, and form an industrial alliance with Chinese herbal medicine GAP planting bases. Ensure that consumers are provided with safe and safe high-quality medicinal materials!

Adhering to the principle of "Although it is complicated to cook, we dare not save labor", Beijing Qiancao Traditional Chinese Medicine Pieces Co., Ltd. continuously upgrades its production system and truly achieves "100 processes and 100 rest assured". Based on a high starting point, adhering to high standards, and in accordance with the requirements of pharmaceutical GMP management, the company has established two industry-leading production lines for ordinary Chinese herbal decoctions and direct oral decoctions. Among them, the direct oral decoctions production line is designed and managed in strict accordance with the standards of D-class purification workshops Purification and sterilization of product processing; the testing center introduced modern precision testing instruments such as Shimadzu high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, ultraviolet-visible spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, and hired graduate students , A group of high- and intermediate-level technicians including the chief pharmacist, strictly control the quality; during the production process, on the basis of following the ancient processes such as "steaming, frying, roasting, calcining", using modern pharmaceutical new technologies and new equipment, such as color Machine selection, cell-grade ultrafine pulverizer, powder packaging machine, automatic bottle filling machine, microcomputer control packaging machine, etc., have realized product production standardization, standardization, and absolute quality control; at the same time, they cooperate with Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Ways to establish good cooperative relations and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Next, Beijing Qiancao Chinese Medicine Pieces Co., Ltd. pays close attention to product adjustment and marketing, and promotes the enterprise in the new economy and the new normal with the belief that "quality maintains the life of Qiancao people, and honesty supports the company's beautiful tomorrow." Accelerate leapfrog development and prepare for listing on the GEM.

Beijing Qiancao Traditional Chinese Medicine Pieces Co., Ltd. welcomes all medical institutions and colleagues in the industry to come to our company for guidance!

Qian Cao is willing to work with you to create a better tomorrow!